lundi 8 février 2010

Toiles carrées de 20cm/ Squared paintings 20cm Prix 300€

N°1 L'oiseau sur la tasse/ The bird on the cup 300€

N°2La religieuse rose et l'allium/ Pink religieuse 300€

N°3: Verre de lait avec une reeligieuse mauve/Glass of milk with a lilac religieuse 300€

2 commentaires:

Tuan a dit…

great work...all in French on the Blog. The language barrier doesn't work with art hey? Do you sell the painting? I love to get hold of it...usually I get my painting from is it a shopping comparison website. Great for art lover like myself. But you can't really put a value on someone works really.

Bridget a dit…

@Thank you for nice comment but it's not only in french and the price is written "Prix (price)300€ euros, (european money)".